Sunday, 14 August 2011

Wades Farm Application Rejected!

I am delighted to report that Stroud District Council Development Committee have followed the planners recommendation and have unanimously rejected the plans by Barratts to build at Wades Farm.

Can I thank everyone for your support, including the SSUD committee, the members of the SSUD who helped deliver leaflets, the members who manned the stall in Stroud, The Summerstreet Residents Association and the many people who supplied photographs to us, including Alex Caminades.  Can I also thank those who sent to us lots of idea, which were very useful in our defence.  If I have missed anyone off this list, please accept my apologies, but our thanks go to you as well!

Here is breaking news from Stroud New and Journal.  Further reports will be in Stroud Life and also the Sunday Times this week-end.

We do expect Barratts to appeal against this decision, but rest assured, we will fight them all the way!