Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A call to arms!

Following Barratts public consultation into the Wades Farm development, a massive 95% of the people who returned the questionnaires to Barratts said that they did not want this development to go ahead - the reaction from Barratts?  The full planning application has just been received! 
Please see details below on how to object to the planning application and if anyone needs help with this, please let us know.  Please remember that everyone in your household can email or write a letter to Stroud District Council (SDC) and if you have any friends who aren't local, but who feel strongly about this, they can also write into SDC.  Your emails and letters are very important in the campaign to defeat this development!  If Barratts manage to break through into the AONB, then other areas in the Slad Valley will be vulnerable including Grange Fields and the fields alongside Folly Lane.
How can you help? We need as many people as possible to express their opposition to this development. PLEASE write a letter or email to the Planning Department at Stroud District Council. This can be done by everyone in your household. You can use the points listed opposite as a starting point if you wish, though you must express your own concerns. Suggested pointsYou may wish to include in your letter some of the following planning objections:

Increasing pressure on road traffic and services
The proposed development is on an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
Detrimental effect on landscape and wildlife
Further loss of agricultural land

Please add your own concerns; schooling & traffic for example

Planning reference

Don’t forget to add your name & address/emailYour email/letter must be submitted by June 1st, 2011

Post to:Stroud District Council Planning Office:
Ebley Mill, Westward Road
Stroud, Gloucestershire GL5 4UB

Stroud District Council Planning Office Please add your own name/addressEbley Mill, or email hereWestward Road
Gloucestershire GL5 4UB
May 2011
Dear Sir/Madam
Wades Farm,
Planning reference

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